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Think Positive about Money! And You will Always have Plenty!

ricardog started this conversation

As I learned about money and learned on how to handle it better. I’ve noticed that when my mind set is positively thinking about money. I get plenty of it coming my way, when I think negative about money, my pockets run empty.


So it makes me wonder why that is. What do I need to clear my thinking of mind in order for me to get a lot of money in my pocket?


Here is something that I found about thinking of money, that I wanted to let everyone. You will learn the understanding if you keep reading it until you see what it’s really trying to say to you.


Seeing and speaking about money is the best thing you can do about money. There are many examples that can help you learned more about money. Always, always except the money you get and you will get more. To help you find the right thinking about it. Here is something that will help you think of what is the right thing to do. Instead of saying or thinking “I can’t afford that” or “It’s too expensive” you could say and think “I’m not going to buy that.” Instead of saying “I don’t make enough money” you could say and think “I make plenty of money. “Instead of saying “Business is low” you could say “Business is good.” Do get the idea?


I know a lot of you are saying right now. But I don’t have any money. Yes you do. You got your paycheck yesterday. You have money in a can at home. You have 1 dollar in your pocket. More positive you think of what you have right now. More things will come your way and more will be put in your pocket. More will come your way. Money is a tool to help and nothing else. Think of it that way.


On other thing I’ve learned is to begin to pay attention to the words and phrases and sentences you use when discussing money. Notice with ones will tend to help you attract money and which ones will tend to cause you to repel money. Begin to speak more and more in ways which will cause you to attract money, and less and less in ways which will cause you to repel money. This one simple technique, if applied correctly and consistently, would transform your financial status. This stuff works well. It really does work. But you must work with it, hour by hour, day by day, week by week. You will improve your money mindset. You will learn to attract all of the money you want and need. You will become wealthy or have more than what you have right now. You must believe? Do you believe? Will you do it? Will you become an example of what the human mind is capable of in regards to its money attracting abilities?


So now that you have an understanding of positive thinking about money and how to bring more money into your pocket. What steps are you going to do to get there? What in your thinking is going to move you the way you feel about money?


It’s up to you on what you will do with this information. So do it. I know you can.

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 in response to Ready2Rise...   I think you got it!! Money is mind set, it is a mind game, it is all the mind. If you think that you are poor, guess what you are poor. If you think you are rich, guess what you are rich. Bravos to you and continue working on your mind set. You will get it!!
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The Bible says "The power of death and LIFE are in the tongue." I appreciate this reminder on the power of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction. I will definitely focus on changing my mindset about money. In fact, I find pennies just lying around on a daily basis. I just need to change the pennies to paper currency. I will begin by envisioning myself receiving a check for $25,000.00 unsolicited. Thanks Ricardo!

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 in response to marcy25...   

thanks for the tip, and for the info...



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 in response to ricardog...   

I like your attitude about life, Ricardog!       It's nice to meet others who seem to share  a similar mindset...     we keep each other going.... 


  If you are interested, Jack Canfield has a lot of good stuff, too...   I took part in a teleconference today via phone.    He offers this once a month and includes an assignment for that month.  It is part of his Success Principles series.      Go to for more info.

Peace to you...

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 in response to marcy25...   

When you can't keep it in your mind long enough. It's that you don'b believe in yourself. You are doubting what you can accomplish. So to bring the good thought in. Believe in yourself and all will be well.



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What you are referring to is the Law of Attraction...     what we think is what we have.      If we think, " I never have enough..."   , then that is exactly what you will get... not enough.     If you think, " I always have enough"  , then you will.    Simple, but not necessarily easy.  It does take time and practice to bring about a change in mindset.    

     But, it DOES WORK if you keep at it long enough!!!

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